ChiaoGoo Twist Needles

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ChiaoGoo are the Rolls Royce of Knitting Needles and are an absolute dream to work with! 

Chiaogoo TWIST Interchangeable Needles are possibly the best Surgical Stainless Steel circular needles you will find. Unlike other interchangeable brands the Twist cables have a steel core and so they have no memory - twist them and they'll always go back to their original straight shape. Both needles and cables have their sizes laser etched individually so no more measuring!

The needles are precise without being too "pointy" and are perfect for lace knitting as well as being comfortable to work with for everyday knitting due to their gentle tapered tip, lightweight build and snag-free connector.

Available in interchangeable sizes from 1.5mm to 7.5mm

Needle length: 5” (13cm) - cable length does not include needles so add 26cm to cable to determine complete length. 

NB! these needles come with 3 sizes of connectors so make sure you purchase the correct cable! If in doubt get in touch via the Contact Me page.