Kromski Prelude

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On the opposite end of the size spectrum from the Symphony in the Kromski Saxony wheel line-up, we have the Prelude. With all the same quality Kromski craftsmanship of its larger counterparts,  the Prelude offers a unique characteristic of compact portability to those who want a wheel reminiscent of the antique Saxony style but need the convenience of a small, transportable wheel for events like historical festivals and reenactments.

With a diameter of 18”, the Prelude is suited to perform in many different speeds/ratios. The Prelude was the first single-drive-only wheel that the Kromskis produced and features Scotch Tension and a single treadle. The oblique bench links to a built-in lazy kate with a two bobbin capacity.

Affordably priced and easy to assemble, the Prelude is a perfect beginners wheel but is occupied by components and attributes sufficient enough for a lifetime wheel.

Available in four beautiful finishes 
Wheel diameter 45cm (18") 
Orifice circumference 10mm (3/8in)
Weight 4kg (9lbs)
Type of drive: Single Drive with Scotch Tension 
Single Treadle
Standard Whorl Ratios: 6, 10.5 and 13:1
Additional Whorls: 5.5, 7.9, 11, 14.5 and 16.5:1

5 year Manufacturer Warranty

Included accessories
- 3 Bobbins 120gm (4.2ozs) capacity 
- Threading Hook
- Spinning Wheel Oil
- Built-in Lazy Kate

Optional Extras: Add Starter Kit for reduced price of £35!

Get your spinning journey off to a flying start with an optional starter kit including a Niddy Noddy, Yarn Gauge and 100g of Custom Blend Top for spinning. 

Try Before You Buy!

Visit Sealy MacWheely shop in Kirkintilloch to test drive the Kromski Minstrel, Fantasia, Sonata or Ashford Traditional, Traveller and Kiwi 3 wheels before you make your decision. Booking essential via Contact Me - pickup from shop also available with 1 hour free tuition for all wheel purchases!

Need Help Setting Up?

All Ashford Wheels come flat-packed as standard, if you would prefer for your wheel to be ready and set up for you I would be happy to provide this service as an optional extra (+£25) - pick up from shop only


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