Majacraft Carry Bags

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Here are the Majacraft solutions for the care and transport of your spinning wheel, Fusion Engine or spare carder drums. They are both attractive and durable and come in the Majacraft ‘green’.

The spinning wheel bags will fit the Rose, Suzie, Suzie Professional, Suzie Alpaca and Little Gem. The Pioneer will NOT fit in these bags.

Majacraft offer a bag for easy protection and transportation of your Majacraft Rose or Suzie wheel (including Professional and Alpaca). It is produced using very tough PU coated polyester Oxford, in the Majacraft ‘green’ colour. It has rugged zippers down the front to ease loading the bag. Majacraft use a flap in the top of the bag to allow access to the handle on the wheel for transporting it about. Using the wheel handle instead of straps places the wheel in a much more comfortable position to carry.

The Little Gem carry bag is produced using the tough PU coated polyester Oxford, in the Majacraft ‘green’. It has two short handles as well as a shoulder strap. This bag will come with a Little Gem or can be purchased separately.

The Fusion Engine is a solid machine to move around so Majacraft have designed a carry bag that makes it easy to take with you and protects the carder from the inevitable knocks that happen when travelling from one place to another. It is finished in Majacraft green and has convenient shoulder straps for comfort.

Majacraft have solved the problem of storing and transporting that second drum for your Fusion Engine with a purpose made bag. The angle on the zipper that allows the bag to completely open makes it easy to get the drum into the bag past all those prickly pins and the carry handle on top makes it simple to transport around. This is a great way to look after your valuable second drum.