Majacraft Suzie Professional

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The Suzie Professional is a double treadle, folding wheel with a solid ‘Majacraft Green’ drive wheel painted in a super hard wearing paint. Individually handcrafted upright wheel, has a light smooth treadle action, full orifice height and adjustable spinning head. Easy to use scotch tension system and convenient carry handle for easy portability.

The Suzie Professional is Majacraft's premiere Suzie design. It is based on the standard Suzie however they have included extra accessories to really fit with the professional name.

To aid in smooth and effortless spinning, the Suzie Professional has a heavier painted drive wheel and pulley. Majacraft have included an extra high speed pulley that makes spinning fine and lace weight yarns easier and far more efficient. The wheel also comes with a delta flyer and their premiere ‘e-flyer’, a round orifice flyer with ceramic inserts in the orifice, guides and flyer hook.

A great deal of time is spent on the painted finished the drive wheel. Majacraft use a two pot paint that they carry out with two undercoats before careful sanding and then a final top coat to create a very durable and smooth finish. It comes in the Majacraft forest green but they also offer customisation options to paint the wheel in a colour of your choice for a modest charge. (Please contact for details and prices)

The beautiful New Zealand Rimu complements the painted wheel and results in a wheel that is both a delight to look and wonderful to spin on.  


  • comes with four (4) bobbins
  • frictionless ball bearings
  • has an extra fast pulley
  • includes a round orifice ‘e-flyer’ and delta flyer
  • bobbin storage for two extra bobbins on the wheel
  • folds up for transport
  • maintainance-free drive band
  • right or left handed
  • has special Majacraft cast hinges
  • five main ratios available on the standard pulley
  • fits all Majacraft accessories                 

Weight 7.5 kgs (16.5lbs)

Height Adjustable 700mm to 780mm

Type of drive single drive

Ratios  4.1:1     6.9:1     10.0:1     13.1:1     16.0:1

Included accessories

- 4 Majacraft standard plastic bobbins, an extra fast pulley, a delta flyer and a fine flyer, both with adjustable sliding hook for smooth bobbin filling.

Optional Extras: Add Starter Kit for reduced price of £35!

Get your spinning journey off to a flying start with an optional starter kit including a Kromski Niddy Noddy, Yarn Gauge and bottle of Wheel Oil. 

Try Before You Buy!

Visit Sealy MacWheely shop in Kirkintilloch to test drive the Aura and Luna plus a variety of Ashford and Kromski wheels before you make your decision. Booking essential via Contact Me - pickup from shop also available with 1 hour free tuition for all wheel purchases!


UK shipping £15. Pickup from Sealy MacWheely Shop also available - contacting in advance advisable to ensure that your preferred wheel is in stock!