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Spin In Sunday!

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Gather your floofs, spindles and wheels and come along to our regular Spin In Sunday event! 

This is a monthly event which is a great opportunity to meet up with other like-minded spinning folk and chat about all things woolly.

Please bear in mind that this is not a teaching workshop but a great way to be inspired by those around you and possibly pick up on techniques and styles that you may not have seen in person before. 

Cost: £5 per person 
Tea, coffee, cakes and banter provided

Time: drop in whenever you like between 11am and 4pm!

Upcoming Dates: 



Sunday 6th November

Sunday 18th December - Christmas Special Spin In Event! 


Sunday 5th February

Sunday 5th March 

Sunday 2nd April

Sunday 14th May 

Sunday 4th June

Sunday 2nd July

Sunday 13th August

Sunday 3rd September

Sunday 1st October 

Sunday 5th November

Sunday 3rd December

Don't have a wheel you can bring along? Don't panic - bring along your favourite bobbin and borrow one of the shop demo wheels for the afternoon! 
A variety of Ashford and Kromski wheels are available in the shop to spin on free of charge for Spin In events.