Christmas is Coming - Helpful Tools to Help You Find the Perfect Gift!

I feel a bit like I blinked and now Christmas is around the corner and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way! 

In case like me you are struggling to think of gifts for your crafty loved ones or things to ask for from your friends and family this year I have made a wee list below of helpful tools available on Sealy MacWheely to help you find your perfect gift.

Firstly, if you pop down onto the menu in the bottom right corner of your display you will get a quick link to the online shop which now features a special Christmas tab which features a large selection of my personal picks for this years festive season.

If you find yourself scrolling through and struggling to keep tabs on the products that interest you there are now two tools available for you to use to help you narrow down the choice. The first is the Add to Compare button that appears under the product picture as you hover over it, using this you can compare up to 4 different products side by side to see the differences easily and add to your online basket. 

Alternatively there is now also an option to add products to a personalised Wishlist! By clicking on the Heart logo below the add to card button you can add any of your favourite yarns, fibres, needles or spinning wheels etc to your personal wishlist which can be accessed and saved by signing in in the main

menu. At this stage I'm afraid there is not an option to forward the list to other interested parties but you could always provide your partner, family member or friend with the password or screenshot of your list... or leave the page open on a shared computer or tablet as a not-so-subtle hint.   

Looking at purchasing a Spinning Wheel but not sure which is best for you? Click here to be taken to the Wheel Finder Tool which will help you to work out which model is best for your techniques and needs. As always you are more than welcome to visit the shop in advance of making any decisions and there are a number of demo wheels and looms to play with in person - please book an appointment in advance here so I know that you are coming or get in touch if you cannot find a suitable timeslot to suit. 

Please bear in mind that some products, in particular those by Ashford and Kromski are often ordered in specially and can take a couple of weeks to arrive. If a product features a Back Order notice above the quantity button (in lieu of the phrase Add to Cart) this is a product that will need to be ordered in for you so please account for the extra time this will take, particularly around the festive season. 

Prefer to receive experiences rather than physical items? There are a number of workshops available to book in the new year and one-to-one spinning and knitting tuition is always an option to add to your skill set. 

If in doubt don't forget that Gift Cards are always a safe option and can be used to purchase both products and tuition! Available in a variety of values you can download print-at-home vouchers here which can be added by the lucky recipient to Apple Wallets for easy use in shop or on the website for up to a year after purchase!

I hope that this has been a helpful run through of some of the features of the website that you may not have noticed previously that might come in useful over the next few weeks! 

Happy festive season to you all, 

Katie x

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