Majacraft Mini Comb Set

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Majacraft supplies mini wool combs in either single, double pitch and a new extra fine double pitch. They are lightweight, strong and attractively made from solid America Ash. The combs have stainless steel pins with polished points and are not super sharp. The design ensures they are comfortable in your hands with the comb angle being the most efficient for combing all types of fibre.

Instead of drilling the comb blocks, Majacraft has developed a new technique of bonding the pins into place with a very tough resin. The pins are positioned perfectly straight and perfectly evenly on every comb.

These are available either as a matched pair of combs mounted on a holder or as a complete Comb System set with a comb block, clamp and diz. This allows you to secure a single comb to a sturdy surface and carry out colour blending in conjunction with a diz.

Included in the set

  • 2 mini combs
  • 1 comb holder
  • 1 Diz with fibre threader
  • 1 Comb Clamping Block
  • 1 clamp


  • handle length, 160mm (6.5″)
  • point length, 55mm (2.25″)
  • comb width, 80mm (3.5″)